Auctus: The Journal of Undergraduate Research and Creativity is student-run and peer-reviewed. Auctus accepts submissions from VCU undergraduates in all disciplines. The journal welcomes submissions of research articles, technical papers, expository articles and works of creative scholarship including visual art, music, creative writing, film and multi-media projects.

Auctus supports VCU’s mission to “engage all undergraduates in research, scholarship and creative expression.” Auctus is available to all as a web-based publication.

Auctus is sponsored by the Honors College and the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program. Auctus was founded in 2009 by former undergraduate researcher, Honors College student, and Goldwater Scholar, Christopher Pang. Through the generosity of the Honors Summer Undergraduate Research Program and Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, graphic design major Dylan Halpern and mass communications major Lauren N. Colie created a new website to revive Pang’s vision.

By giving students a public forum for expressing their intellectual pursuits, Auctus promotes increased student engagement in research and creative scholarship while also fostering a scholarly community of emerging creators and researchers.

Auctus Staff

  • 2017

  • Editors-in-Chief
  • Caitlin Cain
  • Michelle Nguyen

  • Managing Editor
  • Caroline Clary

  • Web Content Editor
  • Michelle Nguyen

  • Web Content Associate Editors
  • Ellie Erhart
  • Charly Sager

  • Creative Section Co-Editors
  • Renee Beck
  • Lydia Gyurina

  • Creative Section Reviewers
  • Emily Furlich
  • Caroline Meyers
  • Jordan Rockwell

  • Creative Interns
  • Shakirah Jones, Open High School
  • Travis Taylor, Open High School

  • Humanities Section Editor
  • Emily Furlich

  • Humanities Associate Editor
  • Amita Rao

  • Humanities Section Reviewers
  • Emily Cheng
  • Theresa Dinh
  • Sarah Gibson
  • Argie Limberis
  • Sarah Tensen

  • Humanities Intern
  • Hank Blancett, Open High School

  • Social Sciences Section Editor
  • Sadaf Kolia
  • Jordan Rasure

  • Social Sciences Reviewers
  • Emaan Chaudry
  • Caroline Clary
  • Maya Harrington
  • Prem Madesh
  • Taruni Maganti
  • April Ruiz
  • Charly Sager

  • Social Sciences Intern
  • Sabiya Davis, Open High School

  • STEM Editor
  • Jess Wimberly

  • STEM Reviewers
  • Gopika Hari
  • Tiffany Ho
  • Sneha Krish
  • Jersey Ann Krupp
  • Faiz Plastikwala
  • Neha Pondicherry
  • Bijal Rajput
  • Zuhayr Shaikh
  • Jessica Wimberly

  • STEM Interns
  • Caroline Tinsley, Open High School
  • Eliza Wren, Open High School

  • N + N Section Editor
  • Eram Malick

  • Faculty Advisors
  • Mary Boyes
    Assistant Professor of Writing,
    Honors College
    Creative Advisor
    Founding Director

  • Christine Cynn, PhD
    Assistant Professor of Gender
    Sexuality and Women's Studies
    Humanities Advisor

  • Rebecca K. Martin, PhD
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Microbiology and Immunology
    STEM Advisor

  • JK Stringer
    Graduate Research Assistant
    Office of Assessment and Evaluation Studies
    Social Sciences Advisor

  • Honorary Advisory Board
  • Herb Hill
    Director for Undergraduate Research,
    Office of Research
    News + Noteworthy Advisor
    Founding Director

  • Megan Hodge
    Assistant Head for Teaching and Learning
    VCU Libraries
    Social Sciences

  • Faye Prichard
    Director of Writing
    Honors College

  • Jackie Smith-Mason
    Associate Dean,
    Honors College

  • Former Editors
  • Nikhil Ailaney
  • Lauren Colie
  • Kate Duggan
  • Elizabeth Farschon
  • Dylan Halpern
  • Alexander Ip
  • Anjali Om
  • Nadia Rentia
  • Christian Ruiz
  • Cassidy Sheehan

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  • journal submissions
  • and inquiries to
  • Auctus@vcu.edu

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