Lauren Colie

Lauren Colie Picture Lauren Colie is a junior pursuing dual degrees in Mass Communications with a Print/Online Concentration and English, with a minor in Writing in the Honors College at VCU. Colie’s research has been published in the Colonial Academic Alliance Undergraduate Research Journal, Auctus and presented at the 2012 UROP Poster Symposium.

Colie stays involved in research by serving as an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant for the same research writing course that sparked her initial interest in research, under Professor Mary Boyes. Colie is the Managing Editor of Auctus, Vice President and co-founder of Girl Effect at VCU and serves as the social media consultant for the William Byrd Community House. She is also a freelance writer and copy editor for both Daniel Magazine and the Metaphysical Circus.

Merit George

Merit George PictureMerit George is a Presidential Scholar double majoring in Biology and Psychology in VCU’s Honors College. In addition to studying the epidemiological health paradox, he has conducted research in bioinformatics, behavioral pharmacology of drug abuse and neonatal clinical courses and health outcomes at the Children's Hospital of Richmond.

George is also a co-founder of the UNICEF Campus Initiative at VCU and is actively involved in clinical volunteer efforts at VCU Medical Center and the Richmond Center for High Blood Pressure. George aspires to be a physician and aims to continue his research within the medical arena.

Dylan Halpern

Dylan Halpern Picture Dylan Halpern is a Board of Visitors Scholarship recipient studying Graphic Design with a minor in Urban Studies in the Honors College at VCU. Halpern is the President Pro Temp of the Secular Student Alliance at VCU, the School of the Arts Representative for the Student Leadership Committee, a member of numerous smaller councils and projects and has served as the Webmaster for the Student Government. During the 2013 summer, he interned with Flying Machine, a boutique design firm in New York. He is the design lead forAuctus, and has previously participated in the Honors Summer Undergraduate Research Program (HSURP) under the School of Engineering.

Halpern’s interest in research started in research-oriented courses, and Space Research (Art Foundation). He considers the research process an intrinsic part of art and design, and focuses his efforts on traditional research when first given a project.

Zachary Hanson

Zach Hanson graduated from VCU in Spring 2013, where he studied International Relations and Political Science with concentrations in Russian and Eastern European Area Studies and Public Policy, respectively. Hanson has always had an interest in geography and urban studies and would like to continue his research with the Fulbright Scholar Program in Estonia. He has also researched housing policy in the United States and ethnic strife in the former Soviet Union.

Hanson is a community organizer with Virginia Organizing and Chesapeake Climate Action Network, where he hopes to put research to practical use by working with communities in Richmond to help them speak out about their needs. In the next two years, Hanson will continue his research in various ways to help prepare for graduate school for Urban Planning, which he hopes to begin in Fall 2015.

Grace Huddleston

Grace Huddleston PictureGrace Mae Huddleston developed a serious interest in making art when she attended a high school that specialized in visual and performing arts. With a major in Painting and Printmaking, she enjoys the freedom to explore these varying interests and the instruction to make them possible. Last year, with the help of VCU’s funding, Grace traveled to the VCUart’s campus in Doha, Qatar. During her weeklong visit, she attended the Tasmeem International Design Conference. There, she had the opportunity to explore the city and befriend the students at VCUQ. That was her first journey out of the country; now she is itching for more and hopes to travel with the Painting and Printmaking department next summer to Peru to study the culture and draw the beautiful, mountainous landscapes. Grace’s goal after school, and a lot of traveling, is to be a professor in the arts, while maintaining a strong studio art making practice.

Hiren Kolli

Hiren Kolli PictureHiren Kolli is a sophomore in the Honors College at VCU, with a major in Biology and a minor in Spanish. He is a student in the Guaranteed Admissions Program in Medicine. His initial involvement in research was due to his interest in the high blood pressure of Indian families.

Kolli hopes his research experiences will help him pursue a career in cardiology, and he is interested in obtaining his M.D., or becoming a physician-scientist. He has served as a volunteer at the Richmond Center for High Blood Pressure and Lobs and Lessons. Kolli is also the secretary of the Honors College Idea Exchange (HCIE) and is the Director of Philanthropy of Giving to Extremes Medical Missions.

Rana Rwaished

Lili Un (and partner) PictureRana Rwaished is an interior designer and research assistant at VCUQatar. Through the Qatar Research Fund, she and three of her colleagues won a research grant to design an artist souq/community in Doha that is set to have its concept phase completed by the end of this year. Previously, she freelanced for Shell as a sculptor and designer for their Pearl GTL event launch in November 2011. Later, Rwaished returned to VCUQ to work in the Center of Research and Design Entrepreneurship (CRID). There, she worked closely with graphic designers developing a national road safety campaign in Qatar under the sponsorship of Maersk Oil and collaboration with Adibesc design agency. This campaign was officially launched in May under the name “ONE SECOND.

Rwaished would like to pursue a career that allows her to shape people’s experiences, and their social behaviors whether in a form of a space, an exhibit, object or installation.

Rana Rwaished’s Portfolio

Lili Un
Lili Un graduated from VCU's Honors College in 2013 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and Printmaking. Her work has been displayed at InLight Richmond in 2008, the VCU Honors College Circuit Conference in 2010 and local business RealiTea in 2011. Un collaborated with VCU Qatar student Rana Rwaished to cross styles, methods and cultures for the exhibition presented in Auctus. Recently, she traveled to Icheon, Korea for an apprenticeship in both ceramics and traditional icon painting.
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