Using Platelet-Rich Plasma after Surgery in Athletes

Shiv Patel PictureShiv Patel is a senior at VCU, pursing a major in biology and minor in chemistry. Currently, he works as an intern in the Office of the President, assisting Dr. Rao and the office with operations ranging from drafting legislation for the State Assembly to streamlining electronic record keeping. He is also serving a five-year term as Chief Operating Officer and Vice President for the national nonprofit organization Heart to Soul in Action, whose mission is to increase healthcare and education access for the underserved youth.
In regards to this research, Shiv was awarded the coveted VCU Launch Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Research. The criteria used by the judges were originality, visual features, and presentation. Today, Shiv continues to pursue research at MCV in the Department of Orthopaedics. He is involved in one project that investigates the relationship between serum calcidiol levels and synovial inflammation of the osteoarthritic hip/knee and another that examines the role of toll-like receptors in the sterile inflammation of joints.

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